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Every occasion and event needs its unique range of staff to complement the smooth flowing of an event, making it a success from the start. One of these areas is hospitality staffing. Hospitality staff can be an integral part of a celebratory occasion. You want friendly, well-spoken staff who can courteously engage with your guests and be helpful and accommodating no matter what. After all, you want your guests to feel welcomed, entertained and cared for professionally. At 3vent Productions, this is what our expert hospitality staffing team strive to do.

Hospitality & Events Staffing

With all our events, we ensure that the hospitality staff we have onboard are knowledgeable on how to handle a room, no matter what size the venue. Our staff team are friendly, personable, and well-groomed. 3vent Productions hospitality staff are well versed on every single event before the event starts.

Our staff team are carefully selected and highly trained before each event. This allows our team to better communicate with you and your guests, making a more memorable event.
They are also well trained in all aspects of health and safety protocols, which may be necessary for a large hospitality event.

Gold Coast Hospitality Staff

3vent hospitality staff are dedicated to providing your event with excellent customer service, from start to finish. They are also trained in how to set up a venue that works for your event and your guests. From setting up of tables through to décor management, providing refreshments, helping guests to find their seats and so on.

Our hospitality staff will also take care of things after the fact so that you can carry on networking and creating the connections necessary to build your brand.

Needing bar or waiting staff? 3vent Productions can provide you with highly trained and skilled staff to assist with bar management and waiting of tables. Our personnel are RSA-qualified and experienced in all things hospitality event related.

Experienced Staff

Professional, personable and well-presented, our Gold Coast and Australia-wide hospitality staff are experienced in working a range of events from serving champagne and canapés at exclusive corporate events to managing bar operations at high-rotation major events.

Our team are sure to impress and will enhance the exceptional experience of you and your guests.

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No job is too big or too small for 3vent Productions! Your vision is our business.


Need to know more? See below for some of our more frequently asked questions regarding Hospitality staffing Gold Coast and throughout Australia.

This would depend on the size and complexity of your conference. We do have a large compliment of staff, however if you wanted a fair amount of crew available to you, you would need to consult with us accordingly and timeously.

Yes. In fact we encourage you to get our conference staff to be a part of YOUR team and to represent YOUR business in its entirety, including uniform or branded gear.

When you book a consultation, we can then discuss in depth your specific needs.


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