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More than just an event management company, 3vent Productions also offer consultancy to event venues and event owners. Our expertise in the field can assist in the cost-effective delivery of your events and the creation of suitable policies to maximise operational efficiency.

Event Venues

Our extensive event experience can assist in the design of event venues and ensure efficient placement of infrastructure prior to construction.

We can analyse your entire event venue and construction plans and design potential event sitemaps which will assist in determining the ideal locations power, infrastructure and amenities to support the cost-effective management of future events.

Analysing your event capacities is also a crucial part of your venue planning. Our specialists can provide insight into the most efficient seating options, number of seating areas, crowd density and maximum capacity of various event types.

Professional Event Consultancy

Many event venues will benefit from having set templates for event specific plans. Whether plans need be submitted along with the DA Application, provided to Council prior to events being hosted or you simply want to ensure consistency in the look and content of all event plans – venue specific templates will make the job easy. Our team will dissect event requirements and your venue information to create customized event plans, resulting in your team spending minimal time writing plans for every event. Your team will simply add some event specific details to the template and job done! 

  • Analyse venue requirements
  • Create mock-up event site plans
  • Advise on power, infrastructure, and facility requirements
  • Crowd density studies
  • Seating capacity studies
  • Creation of templates for venue specific event management plans incl.
    • Event Management Plan
    • Risk Management Plan
    • Emergency Management Plan
    • Noise Management Plan
    • Waste Management Plan

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Event Owners

Designing an event from the ground up can be daunting and time consuming. Our experienced team can lessen the burden and provide valuable insight into infrastructure requirements, ‘buying vs hire’ comparisons and suitable transport options.  

Our expertise will assist in the cost-effective set up of your event resulting in profit for you.

We are also able to write professional event management plans for your event to ensure you obtain event approvals quickly and your team can spend more time on planning the event.

  • Analyse infrastructure requirements
  • ‘Buying vs Hire’ analyses
  • Design cost-effective event transport
  • Writing event management plans incl.
    • Event Management Plan
    • Risk Management Plan
    • Noise Management Plan
    • Waste Management Plan

Our teams event expertise has assisted many event venues and event owners in the successful creation of their venues and events. Some examples of clients we have consulted for are:

  • The Color Run Australia
  • HOTA, Home of the Arts
  • The Kingston Butter Factory

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